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13 Feb 2019 (up-to-date after West Indies v England series)

In December Bangladesh beat West Indies 2-0 and gain 4.1 points which pushes means these two teams swap places in 8th and 9th.

In January India best Australia and gained 5.8 points pushing Australia down to 5th and taking INDIA TO THE TOP

Just 6 days later South Africa gain 4.6 points against Pakistan and S. AFRICA RETURN TO TOP

In February Australia gain 6.4 against Sri Lanka and West Indies gain 9.4 against England – this means Australia progress from 5th to 4th to 3rd, England drop from 3rd to 4th and West Indies rise to 8th just .5 behind Sri Lanka in 7th.

Team Score
South Africa 77.61
India 75.89
Australia 62.44
England 60.47
New Zealand 59.18
Pakistan 42.94
Sri Lanka 37.53
West Indies 37.02
Bangladesh 28.12
Ireland 19.94
Afghanistan 19.65
Zimbabwe 19.22

The teams are bunching once more! The Ashes will be interesting – with a battle for third! But first will South Africa stay top as they meet Sri Lanka? Will Sri Lanka drop below West Indies? Can New Zealand beat Bangladesh and gain enough points to get up to 3rd?


26 Nov 2018 (after Sri Lanka v England series)

England complete whitewash of Sri Lanka for first time on the island. It pushes them up to third on the table, but if the final partnership had been 8 rather than 58 England would have climbed to 2nd – as it is they are just behind India. Sri Lanka drop from 5th to 7th.

At the other end of the table Zimbabwe improve their table score by over half a point but not enough to climb from the foot of the table.

11 Sep 2018

England’s 4-1 win against India  gives them a table increase of 16.78 and a jump from 6th to 4th. (The 13th best series since our records began)

India drop to 3rd. It means South Africa return to the top of the table. Their first time at the top since losing it in the previous series! India’s stay at the top lasted for one series…

South Africa are top with one of the lowest top scores for many years! Just 73.04

25 February 2018

It is with sadness that I announce the passing of my father. He died peacefully in his sleep early in the morning of Sunday 25th February. We miss him greatly.

Of course, Graham Ford is the Ford in the Ford and Son and he is the founder of this system and more importantly my Dad. Thank you


englandUp-to-date and fast to reflect the current levels of each team, this is the home of the popular Ford and Son Test Cricket Rating Tables.

Ever since my Dad introduced me to the game of cricket, I have loved it.

Ever since he told me about his system of Test Country ranking which he started in 1945 when he was 10 years old, using only pen and paper, I have been hooked!

Having the benefit of a computer, I have easily been able to ‘fine tune’ his system (all with his agreement)

It only remains to see if my son Jonah takes up the tradition!



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