After 19 years – a gain of 9.92

The first home series win against S Africa for 19 years, as inspired by Mr Ali and yet England don’t improve their table position although they are a lot closer to 3rd or even 2nd! (Point increase of 9.92 – of course this did mean South Africa lost 9.92 and dropped to third, 3 points behind Australia)
India’s two convincing wins against Sri Lanka looks to be increasing their lead at the top of the table – but with one match to go can Sri Lanka turn it round or will India get a 20 point lead?
Before the Ashes, S Africa (v Bangladesh), Australia (v Bangladesh) and England (v West Indies) all have series where useful points could be won or annoyingly crucial points lost…
Team Score
South Africa 77.61
India 75.89
Australia 62.44
England 60.47
New Zealand 59.18
Pakistan 42.94
Sri Lanka 37.53
West Indies 37.02
Bangladesh 28.12
Ireland 19.94
Afghanistan 19.65
Zimbabwe 19.22

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