New run rate record? South Africa only 4th? Effect of 1st Test

Two tests have just finished – both mid-way through the series, so nothing yet official, but what could be taking shape?

With scores of 583, 551 & 179 having lost only 10 wickets, Australia are on course to smash the three test run-rate record. Currently held by South Africa with a run rate of 98.56, can Australia maintain a rate of over 100? Do we mention that West Indies’ rate is 23.10 so the biggest difference record is also under threat.

In the ICC Ratings, South Africa are top with India second and Australia 3rd, whereas our table has Australia top, India 2nd, Pakistan 3rd and South Africa 4th – why the difference? Well to put it simply, our table is quicker to reflect the performance of teams – so there is usually more table movement, but I won’t be surprised if within a few weeks both tables will look the same again!

ICC RANKINGS – 21 December 2015
Team Matches Points Rating
South Africa 29 3308 114
India 32 3535 110
Australia 36 3922 109
Pakistan 28 2977 106
England 40 3940 99
New Zealand 36 3578 99
Sri Lanka 35 3123 89
West Indies 29 2218 76
Bangladesh 22 1026 47
Zimbabwe 10 53 5


Here’s an interesting stat! Ok not, that interesting!

If the South Africa – England series was just one match the table movement of +/-4.10 would put both teams on 59.44 – although South Africa would still be ahead 59.439 to England’s 59.436! Ok it’s not that interesting at all, but what was impressive was the all round nature of England’s victory – with Compton, Root, Taylor, Bairstow getting good runs and Broad, Ali and Finn doing damage with the ball…

Can’t wait for Test 2!